Our Vision

  Making Jesus known
  living His way

How do we make Jesus known?

We make Jesus known by talking about our experience of Jesus and our experience of church worship - with the people we meet as well as our own family and friends. If we are excited about our faith, then others will be too.

How do we live his way?

Following Jesus affects every aspect of our lives - the way we shop, the way we treat other people, what we spend our time doing. Living Jesus' way may well involve us in giving of ourselves sacrificially - using our time and energy to serve Jesus in our world today. That isn't just about what we do for 'church' activities, it is about everything we do and the way we do it - it is about the whole of life.

Welcome to All Saints Congleton

"All Saints Congleton" is the new name for our parish. We have been known as "The Parish of Congleton", and to some, still "Congleton Team Parish". What's in a (the new) name? Find out here.

As before, the Parish comprises the four churches of St John's, Buglawton; St Stephen's, Brook Street; St Peter's, Chapel Street; and Holy Trinity Mossley. The Chappell Centre in Mossley and the Community Centre in Buglawton are also part of the Parish.

As before, our aim is to serve God by serving our town, just as Jesus served the people He lived amongst. Jesus died in our place for the things which separate us from God and each other. We meet in His name and share His love.

Safeguarding: All Saints Congleton takes its duty and obligation to protect all extremely seriously. We have adopted the national Church of England's robust procedures and guidelines. For further information, training and contacts, please click on our old website link at the bottom of this page.

Our current services are as follows :

Sunday - at St Stephen's 09:30 "One Service" - a service for all ages together with modern Christian songs and some classics too (signed first Sunday in a month)
10:30 Refreshments for all
11:00 A "more traditional" service of Holy Communion or Morning Worship with hymns and some songs (signed first Sunday in a month)
Sunday - at St Peter's 11:00 "Space & Time" - a space to take time to explore a theme using stations around church - all welcome - refreshments - drop in as you please - 15 minutes of optional worship at 11:45am
Wednesday - at Holy Trinity 10:15 Holy Communion
Wednesday - at the Community Centre, Buglawton 15:30 Tea Church (second Wednesday in a month)

Our Mission

  Loving God,
  Loving each other,
  Loving our community.

  Growing in faith,
  Growing in relationship,
  Growing in service.

To show our love for God we need to come together in public worship, commit ourselves to private prayer and seek to lead a Christian life.

To grow in faith we need to be nurtured as disciples of Jesus. That can include listening to sermons, being part of a home study group and reading Christian books. We can be encouraged by sharing our own stories of what God is doing, and listening to others tell theirs.